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ATR Bluefin

A hardy all-rounder for strong yields and oil performance

ATR Bluefin continues our commitment to the OP TT segment, with an early maturing canola for Australian growers.

ATR Bluefin delivers a strengthened disease package along with exceptional vigour and early biomass to provide robust establishment of your canola crop.

ATR Bluefin offers growers everything you are looking for in a TT canola variety. Toughened disease package, competitive yields and oil performance, delivering you optimum results at harvest.

ATR Bluefin has exceeded expectations in trials by demonstrating a compact plant type, that is fast establishing and features good seedling vigour when compared to other open-pollinated canola varieties.

  • Early maturing open pollinated TT variety
  • Strengthened disease package compared to current OP TT varieties
  • Fast establishment and good seedling vigour
  • Compact plant type
  • Competitive yield and oil performance for optimum harvest returns
Maturity Early
Blackleg Rating* R-MR
Resistance Group AB
Height Short – Medium
Oil Medium
Seedling Vigour
(1 poor – 9 high)
(1 poor – 9 good)
Alternative To ATR Stingray, ATR Bonito, ATR Mako
Recommended Target Yield 0.5-2.0 TNS

* 2022 Autumn Blackleg rating bare. To view the latest GRDC Blackleg management guide click here