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ATR Bluefin

A hardy all-rounder for strong yields and oil performance

ATR Bluefin delivers strong yield and oil performance, while combatting disease.

ATR Bluefin continues our commitment to the OP TT segment, with an early maturing canola for Australian growers.

ATR Bluefin offers growers everything they are looking for in a TT canola variety. Strengthened disease package, strong yields and oil performance, delivering you optimum results at harvest.

ATR Bluefin has exceeded expectations in trials by demonstrating a compact plant type, that is fast establishing and features good seedling vigour when compared to other open-pollinated canola varieties.

  • Early maturing open pollinated TT variety
  • Strengthened disease package compared to current OP TT varieties
  • Strong yield and oil performance for optimum harvest returns
  • Compact plant type
  • Fast establishment and good seedling vigour
Maturity Early
Blackleg Rating* MR
Resistance Group AB
Height Short – Medium
Oil Medium
Seedling Vigour
(1 poor – 9 high)
(1 poor – 9 good)
Alternative To ATR Stingray, ATR Bonito, ATR Mako
Recommended Target Yield 0.5-2.0 TNS

* Anticipated based on Nuseed internal trials.