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Nuseed GT-53

Your benchmark hybrid variety

Nuseed GT-53 sets the standard as a high performing mid-season Roundup Ready® hybrid.

Nuseed GT-53 is no ordinary mid-season Roundup Ready hybrid canola. With top class adaptability across a range of environments (early-mid to mid-long) and robust performance in varied growing conditions, Nuseed GT-53 is the complete package.

Nuseed GT-53 delivers extra protection with outstanding blackleg resistance for peace of mind. Nuseed GT-53 is a proven performer in varied conditions, consistently demonstrating high yields in trials and in the field.

When you think adaptability, robustness and performance, think Nuseed GT-53.

  • Highly adaptable to a range of growing environments
  • A persistent performer in varied conditions
  • Security of consistent high yield
  • Excellent blackleg resistance for extra protection


Development code NCH13G046
Bag size 20kg
Maturity Mid 
Type F1 Hybrid
Blackleg rating* R
Resistance group ABDF
Height Medium-Tall
Alternative to Hyola® 404RR & 506RR, Pioneer® 45Y25 & 44Y27
Recommended growing areas WA, VIC, NSW

*2022 Autumn Blackleg rating bare. To view the latest GRDC Blackleg management guide click here

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For the most up to date NVT data in your region please contact your local Nuseed representative.

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