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Monola® 420TT

Go for a healthy profit

Monola 420TT is an early- mid maturing variety with robust performance.

Monola 420TT delivers you the confidence of improved blackleg genetics and a stronger oil profile.

Monola 420TT is an early-mid maturing variety which has proven to be competitive to Monola 416TT and other OP TT varieties in both NVT’s and internal Nuseed trials. Monola 420TT will replace Monola 416TT and will be commercially available for 2021 planting.

Monola 420TT gives you the confidence of growing Monola.

  • Solid Blackleg resistance – R
  • Ease of Harvest with a short plant height
  • Adaptable to varying growing environments
  • Strong oil profile
  • Triazine tolerance for ease of weed control


Development code NL1015
Bag Size 20kg
Type Open pollinated triazine tolerant
Blackleg Rating** R
Resistance Group AD
Height Short
Alternative To Monola 416TT, ATR Bonito, ATR Stingray, ATR Mako
Recommended Growing Areas Vic, NSW, SA

In 2021, Monola growers in VIC will receive a premium payment of $100 m/t at harvest.

In 2020, Monola growers in NSW received a premium payment of $100 m/t and Monola growers in SA received a premium payment of $80 m/t at harvest.  – speak to your Monola Seed Agency for details. 2021 season premiums to be confirmed.

*2020 Blackleg rating bare. To view the latest GRDC Blackleg management guide click here
*** A minimum fatty acid profile is required to meet Monola specifications as per the Monola Grower’s Contract.

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