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Monola® 422TT

Upgrade to export quality oil

Monola 422TT is an early- mid maturing variety with an improved fatty acid profile for export quality oil.

Monola 422TT is a new OP TT Monola variety that shows exceptional vigour for growers.

Monola 422TT is stable for growing across a wide range of regions and planting times.

Monola 422TT gives you the confidence to produce an export quality oil profile and competitive yields compared to other OP varieties.

  • Export quality oil profile
  • Improved fatty acid profile
  • Exceptional vigour
  • Competitive yield and oil content performance
  • Versatile for direct heading and windrowing due to its compact plant architecture

Monola 422TT growers may be eligible for attractive premium payments* at harvest – speak to your Monola Seed Agent for details.

* A minimum fatty acid profile is required to meet Monola specifications as per the Monola Grower’s Contract.


Development Code NL1131
Maturity Early-Mid
Type Open Pollinated Triazine Tolerant
Blackleg Rating** R
Resistance Group*** To be determined
Height Short
Alternative To Monola 416TT, Monola 420TT, ATR Stingray, ATR Bonito
Recommended Growing Areas Vic, NSW 
Grower Incentives


In the 2021 and 2022 seasons, Monola growers in VIC will receive a premium payment of $100 m/t* at harvest.

In 2021, Monola growers in NSW will receive a premium payment of $90 m/t* at harvest  – speak to your Monola Seed Agency for details. 

FlexiCrop Terms: Vic & NSW growers are eligible to opt for FlexiCrop terms, extending payment terms on the cost of planting seed to December 2021. Please contact your Nuseed representative to find out more.

* A minimum fatty acid profile is required to meet Monola specifications as per the Monola Grower’s Contract.

**2020 Blackleg rating bare. To view the latest GRDC Blackleg management guide click here

***Anticipated based on Nuseed internal trials