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Monola® H421TT

Your next generation of Monola

Monola® H421TT is the first release hybrid Monola that sets the benchmark for yield performance and healthy returns.

Monola H421TT gives you a glimpse into the future of the hybrid Monola pipeline.

This new hybrid is an early maturing variety with competitive yield performance against current hybrid TT varieties across a diverse range of growing environments. Internal Nuseed trials have shown exceptional early vigour, an adaptable yield and a strong oil profile. 

Monola H421TT growers may be eligible for attractive premium payments* at harvest – speak to your Monola Seed Agent for details.

  • Good Blackleg resistance
  • Bred from Nuseed’s top performing germplasm
  • Compact plant architecture for improved harvest management
  • Highly adaptable to a range of growing environments
  • Triazine tolerance for ease of weed control

* A minimum fatty acid profile is required to meet Monola specifications as per the Monola Grower’s Contract.


Bag Size 20kg
Maturity Early
Type Triazine Tolerant Hybrid
Blackleg Rating** R
Resistance Group BC
Height Medium
Alternative To Monola 416TT, HyTTec Trophy, InVigor  T 3510
Recommended Growing Areas Vic, NSW 
Grower Incentives


In the 2021 and 2022 seasons, Monola growers in VIC will receive a premium payment of $100 m/t* at harvest.

In 2021, Monola growers in NSW will receive a premium payment of $90 m/t* at harvest  – speak to your Monola Seed Agency for details. 

FlexiCrop Terms: Vic & NSW growers are eligible to opt for FlexiCrop terms, extending payment terms on the cost of planting seed to December 2021. Please contact your Nuseed representative to find out more.

* A minimum fatty acid profile is required to meet Monola specifications as per the Monola Grower’s Contract.

**2020 Blackleg rating bare. To view the latest GRDC Blackleg management guide click here


Variety Comparison – MET data 
Variety ATR Bonito Site Mean Monola H421TT
Type OP   Hybrid
Blackleg Rating** MS R
Oil Avg (%) 45.06 44.06 44.10
Yield Avg (MT/HA) 2.21 2.30 2.07
Gross Income ($/HA) $1,291 $1,328 $1,403

MET data source:  MET data from 20 NVT trials in VIC, NSW & SA with all varieties represented in 2019 – 2020. Site mean yield 2.3mt/ha. Variety Gross Income calculated using Canola base price $560/mt plus or minus oil bonification. $100/mt premium included for Monola H421TT. Information based on data available as at 02/03/2021. For information on 2021 Monola premiums* please contact your local Monola Seed agent.

**2020 Blackleg rating bare.

For the most up to date NVT data in your region please contact your local Nuseed representative.