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Nuseed Quartz

The standard for mid-season canola

Nuseed Quartz is a mid-season hybrid conventional canola which is setting a new standard that other canola varieties will measure themselves against.

Nuseed Quartz comes with a full set of features, including exceptional yield potential, good adaptability, excellent early vigour and “R” rating for superior Blackleg resistance.

Nuseed Quartz sets a new bar for mid-season hybrids and complements our hybrid conventional family to give you more choice in this segment.

  • Highly adaptable to a range of growing zones
  • Vigorous early establishment
  • Delivers excellent yield potential
  • Top rated Blackleg resistance


Bag size 20kg
Maturity Mid
Type F1 Hybrid
Blackleg Rating* R
Resistance group ABD
Height Medium
Alternative to AV Garnet, Hyola® 50, Victory® V3002
Recommended growing areas SA, VIC, NSW

*2022 Autumn Blackleg rating bare. To view the latest GRDC Blackleg management guide click here

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NVT Variety Comparison from NuSTEP
Variety AV Garnet Victory V3002 Nuseed Diamond Nuseed Quartz
Type Open pollinated Hybrid Hybrid Hybrid
Blackleg Rating* MS R-MR MR R
Oil Avg (%) 43.73 43.28 43.38 44.35
Yield Avg (MT/HA) 1.87 1.76 2.07 2.38
Yield % of Trial Mean 91% 85% 101% 116%

NuSTEP data source: 18 NSW, SA, VIC NVT trials with all varieties represented, average trial mean yield of 2.06MT/HA (2016, 2017). Information based on data available as at 24/01/2018.

*2020 Blackleg rating bare.

For the most up to date NVT data in your region please contact your local Nuseed representative.