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Xseed™ Raptor

Weed control is about to get a little bit easier for you.

With the security of Nuseed’s canola genetics and TruFlex® herbicide technology, you can get on top of those difficult paddocks with Xseed Raptor.

Xseed Raptor will transform your weed control strategy with a whole new battle plan, combining Nuseed’s market-leading breeding program with cutting-edge TruFlex technology.

Xseed Raptor is an early-mid maturing canola hybrid which has shown robust yield performance against current Roundup Ready® hybrid varieties in both NVT’s and Bayer Group stewarded trials.  Xseed Raptor was in the ground in 2017 and 2018 in both National Variety Trials (NVTs) and Bayer Group stewarded trials.  In 2019 Xseed Raptor will also be demonstrated in Nuseed’s grower-based Crop Agronomy Trials (CAT) across Australia. Xseed Raptor will be commercially available for sale and planting in 2020.

In the fight for weed control and paddock performance, you’ll want Xseed Raptor on your side.

  • Robust yield performance against current Roundup Ready varieties
  • All the benefits of next generation TruFlex technology to give you enhanced flexibility when spraying
  • The security of Nuseed’s superior hybrid genetics so you know there’s quality in every single seed

Stocks of Xseed Raptor are limited due to strong demand so speak to your agronomist to secure your order today.


Development code NCH15Q290
Bag size 20kg
Maturity Early-Mid (4-5)
Type F1 Hybrid
Blackleg rating* MR**
Resistance group TBD
Height Medium
Alternative to Nuseed GT-53, Hyola® 410XX,  Pioneer® 45Y25 & 44Y27, InVigor R5520P
Recommended growing areas WA, VIC, NSW

*2019 Blackleg rating bare. To view the latest GRDC Blackleg management guide click here

**Anticipated based on Nuseed Trials. Includes Bayer Group stewarded trials.