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Roundup Ready® Canola

Superior genetics with optimum weed control technology

Roundup Ready® canola gives you an additional weed control option to incorporate into your integrated weed management (IWM) system.

Roundup Ready canola is a herbicide tolerant canola modified using gene technology to tolerate glyphosate, the active ingredient in Roundup® agricultural herbicides. Roundup Ready canola is an environmentally sound production system that enables farmers to safely and effectively manage weeds in their canola crop.

Our Varieties:

Variety Bag Size Maturity Type Blackleg Rating Resistance Group Height Alternative To
Nuseed GT-53 20kg Mid F1 Hybrid R ABDF Medium-Tall Hyola® 404RR & 506RR,
Pioneer® 45Y25 & 44Y27

Roundup Ready Hybrid Canola