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Tech Note: Storing seed bags prior to sowing

The Nuseed canola seed provided to you by your seed supplier has passed our rigorous Quality Assurance process to protect the genetic purity and seed quality.

To ensure your seed maintains its quality prior to sowing, we encourage you to follow these practices when storing your seed.


  • Handle your seed bags with care.
  • Store your seed bags in an area where they will be dry and cool.
  • Keep your seed bags away from direct sunlight, dark storage is preferred.
  • Ensure your seed is kept away from external heat sources or hot building walls. Storing on the South side of a building is strongly encouraged.
  • The storage area should be clean hygienic conditions.
  • Use an area that is pest and insect free or use suitable baiting.
  • Store your seed bags off the ground’s surface, eg on pallets.
  • Store away from moisture or wet areas.
  • Replace or repair any seed packaging that becomes damaged.
  • If seed bags become damaged during handling and seed is spilt, please follow the directions on the bag for the safe handling of treated seed.
  • Store seed away from chemicals, especially herbicides.

We use trusted and quality assured freight companies to deliver your seed to our distribution partners. Your seed bags should be delivered to you in good condition.


If any seed bags become damaged during transit to you please contact your seed supplier.