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TruFlex® canola with
Roundup Ready® technology


You expect big things. We do too.

Truflex canola from Nuseed, leaders in breeding hybrid canola for Australian conditions. With a genetic background from Nuseed’s best-of-breed R&D program, our Truflex varieties combines a robust germplasm with next-generation TruFlex technology to deliver the ultimate in flexible weed control and yield performance.

Our Varieties:

Variety Bag Size Maturity Type Blackleg Rating Resistance Group Height Alternative To
Nuseed Emu TFnew for 2022 20kg Early F1 Hybrid MR* AB Medium Pioneer 43Y23 & 44Y27, InVigor R4022
Nuseed Raptor TF 20kg Early-Mid F1 Hybrid R** AD Short-Medium Nuseed GT-53, Hyola® 410XX,
Pioneer® 44Y25, 44Y27, InVigor R5520P
Nuseed Condor TF 20 kg Mid F1 Hybrid R** ABD Tall Nuseed GT-53, Pioneer 45Y25 & 44Y27, InVigor R5520P

*Anticipated based on Nuseed internal trials **2020 Blackleg rating bare