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HyTTec® Trident

Your next big hybrid TT partner

The yield gap just got bigger – HyTTec® Trident is your high performing early maturing canola.

You now have even more choice with HyTTec, an expanded offering taking the yield gap to fresh heights.

HyTTec Trident is an early maturing variety which has performed significantly above current hybrid and open-pollinated TT varieties in both NVT and internal trials. 

Canola growers looking for an early-maturing option can rely on the performance of HyTTec Trident to deliver superior paddock clean up and strong returns at harvest.

Every HyTTec Trident seed comes packaged with Nuseed’s premier hybrid genetics and all the benefits of the TT herbicide system.

An EPR (End Point Royalty) of $10 per tonne (ex GST) applies to HyTTec Trident.

  • HyTTec Trident significantly outperforms similar varieties across a range of yield environments
  • Especially strong in growing environments suited to early maturing canola
  • The ideal combination of early get-up-and-go and herbicide tolerance for superior paddock clean-up
  • Premium disease package, rated R for Blackleg resistance
  • Available under an End Point Royalty to reduce your upfront cost


Development code NCH15T103
Bag size 20kg
End Point Royalty $10 per tonne (ex GST)
Maturity Early
Type F1 Hybrid
Blackleg Rating* R
Resistance Group AD
Height Medium – Tall
Recommended Growing Areas NSW, VIC, SA, WA

*2020 Blackleg rating bare. To view the latest GRDC Blackleg management guide click here

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NVT Variety Comparison from NuSTEP


Variety ATR Bonito InVigor® T 4510 HyTTec® Trident
Type OP Hybrid Hybrid
Blackleg Rating MS MR-MS R
Oil Avg (%) 43.25 41.72 42.85
Yield Avg (MT/HA) 1.52 1.83 2.07
Yield % of Trial Mean 90% 108% 122%

NuSTEP data source: 35 National NVT trials with all varieties represented, with an average trial mean yield of 1.69MT/HA (2017-2018). Information based on data available as at 14/03/2019.

For the most up to date NVT data in your region please contact your local Nuseed representative.